Salubris Ambrosiae Pendant Light

$78.99 From $62.95

Body Color:

1 Rod 1 bulb
1 Rod 2 bulbs
2 Rods 4 bulbs
3 Rods 6 bulbs


Emitting Color:

Hanging by cord
Hanging by metal rod

The Salubris Ambrosiae Pendant Light is a charming Nordic hanging lamp, displaying a combination of gold or black pipe-erected aluminum in a brushed nickel finish. It brightens up your space through its LED light bulbs, each connected to both tips of an aluminum pole. This light piece exudes a modern style to best work with your contemporary interiors and furnishings. It is a terrific lighting accent to Art Deco, Scandinavian, Modern Contemporary, or Mid Century Modern designed structures.

Are Bulbs Included: Yes
Base Type: E27

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