Dirimenda Chandelier

$194.99 From $155.95

Lampshade Color:

B 6 Heads 83x24 cm
B 8 Heads 105x24 cm
B 12 Heads 105x24 cm
A 8 Heads 105x54 cm
A 12 Heads 105x54 cm
A 6 Heads 83x54 cm

Emitting Color:

Warm White
Cool White

A stylish modern Nordic chandelier to accessorize the Cosmopolitan or Modern European home. The Dirimenda Chandelier is made of a high-quality aluminum body and radiates a shadeless glow through LED light bulbs and strips. It displays a voguish style with its gold and black color combination, and a fusion of distinctive rings and frosted glass orbs. Dirimenda is remote-controlled and has a dimmable feature for your convenience. It is a lovely chandelier to complement your Modern Cosmo-chic style, or a fantastic light decor to work with the lavish Art Deco or Industrial Modern Rustic Farmhouse designed interiors.  

Are Bulbs Included: Yes
Base Type: Wedge

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